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Due to the recent pandemic situation, authorities have been taking measures to stop or at least limit the virus. Corona Warn App considered being the best contribution in this regard. This app is an open-source project, which helps people to identify the SARS-Covid chain of infected people in Germany. Please follow our guidelines to download and install Corona Warn App for PC Windows and MacBook.

This app notifies the users or nearby users if they already have been affected by this virus. It is an open-source project where new proposals are welcome to adopt. You can also contribute to integrating the new information. This application has been developed with the cooperation of the Federal Ministry of Health, SAP, and Deutsche Telekom.

Corona Warn App Features:

This app requires to enable Bluetooth to run this application or background services. The mobile consumes less battery because the app is optimized. It stores the identifiers locally for 10-20 minutes. The identifiers are derived from temporary keys which change every 24hrs with the help of cryptography.

Registration of the test is very easy and UI is very intuitive to use. An Easy and quick way to inform others whether you are affected or not. Moreover, this app helps you to expose the affected users for personal safety. If a user is tested positive the app asks the user to voluntarily upload the keys for 14 days but of course, the app verifies the positive result first. You can also warn across the national borders. Moreover, you can fill the journal which helps to inform the authorities or other people about the places you have visited.

Data Protection

This app ensures data protection through transparency for further adoption. Also, this app uses a decentralized approach (TCN Protocols and DP-3T) and Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing specifications by Apple and Google. As this project is open source so transparency is the key here to earn the trust of end-users. Also, it ensures security by using a secure software development lifecycle.

Guide to Download and install Corona Warn App for PC:

This application has great worth if you are downloading it for free. After using this application, people desire to help others by keeping them safe and bring some change in real life due to this application’s versatility. We would like to show you how to install Corona-warn-app on PC so, you shouldn’t miss the fun. Also, you can download the APK from apkpure website.

  1. First of all, you need to download and install Bluestacks on your Windows computer. If you are using a Mac running on OSX. Download the Mac version of the emulator.
  2. Once you have downloaded and install the bluestacks emulator on your laptop.
  3. Open it and head to Google Play Store on it. You might have to sign in with your Gmail credentials.
  4. In Google Play Store, look up for Corona-warn-app.
  5. You will be able to locate it. If you can not find Corona-warn-app in Play Store. You can also upload its APK on Bluestacks.
  6. Once located, download and install it on your PC.
  7. Afterwards, just open the app and you will be able to use it on your PC.

Download the app and please let us know the experience of the app! If you have any queries and questions please feel free to contact us.

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