How to Monitor CCTV Camera Video on PC or MAC


Security and Privacy go hand in hand. At times, one has to choose one among these two and compromise a little on the other. For example, if you install CCTV cameras at the workplace. It might invade the privacy of the people working in that office, yet it can be beneficial in terms of security. There is a very thin line between Privacy and Security. At times, the line is crossed in the name of security, in turns, it compromises our privacy. A good example is Government and Intelligence agencies. In the name of security, they tend to go beyond their jurisdiction in terms of personal space. Which might invade someone’s privacy. If you have installed security CCTV cameras in your home or workplace. And you want to monitor CCTV camera video on your Windows PC. We have covered all the methods.

Data Privacy concerns in video monitoring:

Talking about the invasion of privacy. It has become a big concern in this era. Where data is the new oil. All the big tech companies are harvesting on the masses information. Which leads to target ads more appropriately, get an overall trend perception. Apart from that, the same data which is being collected from hundreds and thousands of people around the world can be used to train AI models. Making artificial intelligence more powerful and accurate than ever. It is indeed concerning.

One is responsible for making sure their data and information is safe and does not get into the hands of others. May it be tech organisations, intelligence organisations or just some individual. In order to be sure, one must take all the necessary precautions and always understand and review the data sharing permissions when accepting the terms.

So it is necessary for us to understand if we have installed CCTV cameras for monitoring the workplace or home. Where the data is being stored and how it can be accessed. Is the data being stored on the company cloud, what are the terms and conditions of that company regarding access to that data and sharing of that data? As most of the CCTV video cameras come with a cloud storage option along with SD card storage. If the data is being stored in the company cloud. Do the people working in the company have access to that data? Recently, a report showed how a person working for a home security company used his position of employment to exploit and watch people at their homes illegally.

Monitor CCTV Camera Video on PC or MAC

Moving on to our guide, if you have already installed surveillance cameras at your workplace or home and you want to monitor them on your PC. First of all, you need to know about the cameras and the firm that you are using for surveillance.

There are a lot of firms that have an Android or iOS app that can be used to monitor all the cameras attached to a specific network. These companies might also have a website or a portal where you can log in using your account credentials in order to access your cameras footage.

First, you need to know which firm or company that you are using to manage your CCTV cameras. The one I am using is called Wansview and IPC360. Both these firms have an Android app that can be used to add Cameras to the network and then monitor them. If you have multiple cameras connected to the same Wifi or network. These apps can be used to monitor them. Alongside, you can also create motion detection alerts or go through the video archives using this app.

If you don’t remember your credentials, it is the same that is used to sign up on your camera monitoring app on your phone. Look for their website a windows app that can be used for this purpose. If there is no online portal to monitor CCTV Camera Video on PC or Mac. You can use an Android emulator to run the Android app of your CCTV camera firm on Windows or Macbook.

Run CCTV Camera App on Windows PC via Emulator:

In this method, we will use an Android emulator to run the Android app on Windows PC. An emulator creates a virtual Android environment on your PC, which then can be used to run Android apps. We are going to use a Bluestacks emulator.

  1. First, you have to install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Bluestacks is where you can run all your apps on your PC.
  3. Once it’s installed, open it and use the search bar to look for the Camera firm App.
  4. Download the app, and then you can use this app to Monitor CCTV Camera video on PC either a Macbook or Windows PC.
  5. If the app is only present on Google Play Store, you might have to log in using your Google Account.

That is all from our side, if you have any questions or confusion regarding the method above. Feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below. You can also write to us on our social media accounts.

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