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People were looking for an app for a long time with massive multitasking abilities such as making calls, making text, or transferring files, many more through a single application. Dell mobile connects multiple options like made calls, send/receive text, get notifications, watch things on your TV with screening, seeing contacts, and transferring files through sending options. Follow our guide to download and install Dell mobile connect for PC Windows.


An application minimal in size of only 20 MBs and 1,000,000 downloads to date. The last update arrived in mid-December 2020.

Moreover, you can use your phone by placing it away and using it through your computer’s screen, touch, mouse, or keyboard. There is no restriction for the workplace; you can work at home and office or in the park anywhere you desire.


However, It enables you to interact with your phone through a PC. USB loses its worth after downloading this application, and everything can be shared directly from your phone to your PC or laptop.


    • You can make and receive phone calls using your PC’s speakers and microphone.
    • You can send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your computer.
    • All notification of your phone can be received on you PC.
    • You can search through your phone’s contacts and make a call or send an SMS / MMS directly from the Dell mobile connect.
    • Watch movies / TV shows or anything on your console through the screening option available in this application and control everything with your keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.
    • Like something in other people’s mobile / PC / laptop doesn’t wait and share through Dell mobile connect drag and drop files between your phone and your Computer.

So visit and download from the play store and make your life easy and comfortable through a single application.

Download and Install Dell mobile connect for PC:

This application has greatly worth it if you are downloading it for free. After using this application, people desire to change real life due to this application’s versatility. We want to show you how to install Dell mobile connect on PC so you shouldn’t miss the fun. This app has a PC version on its official website. It also has Alienware mobile connect for PC. Laptops purchased before 2018 might not have access to these apps.

  1. First of all, you need to download and install Bluestacks on your Windows PC or Macbook.
  2. Open the installed app.
  3. On the right side of the screen, you will see “My Games. “ Click on it; there, you will find Play Store.
  4. Using the Google Play Store, download and enjoy “Dell mobile connect” on your PC.

The app is exciting as you learn how to make your work easy without any location restrictions, whether in the office or at home.

Download and enjoy the app! If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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