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Stack by Area 120 is a new app that serves the purpose to store all your documents digitally. It allows you to scan documents and store them digitally on the cloud. The developers of this app are none other than the experimental group Google is known for developing cool apps for Android phones. In this guide, we will talk about how to install Stack for PC. Which will allow you to store all your hard copies as digital copies on your Google Drive.

It’s been some time that the world is going paperless, all the required documents and contracts are being handled over the web. Since the COVID pandemic, the institutions and organisations that emphasized hard copies either its a contract or just some documentation of a project or product are also going digital. Organisations have started accepting digital signatures. I believe it is a great step in respect to protecting the environment as well as subdue climate change. Each year nearly 4 billion trees are cut down just to make the paper. If every one of us looks around our own organisation, we can tell how much documentation is unnecessary. The documents that we put in the folder and don’t see for years and years.

Stack from Area 120 Google:

With digitization, we need the required tools to keep up with the world. There have been times when we need to scan a document, a receipt or a piece of paper and send it via WhatsApp, Telegram, Social Media or Email to someone. The traditional task being using a scanner and connecting it with a computer. These days we have smartphones that can capture a good picture of stars and moons, when it comes to apps and documents we don’t have good enough tools to take easily readable and nonblurred pictures of documents.

There exists a number of apps that can be used to scan and store documents on your phone or PC. Yet the difference exists in the quality of uploaded documents. An experimental group of Google has now introduced an application that uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to scan high-quality pictures of documents.

  • Using Stack, you can upload and save the documents in multiple formats. I have come across an application that accepts only a specific format of documents to be uploaded. So you can scan and save the document in different formats PDF, JPEG etc.
  • Once the document is uploaded, you can assign it a category. Store the documents with respect to their category.
  • The app has face lock or fingerprint protection for security.
  • Using the Search feature, you can even read through the document via the OCR feature.
  • Stack app works well with Google drive, so all the documents scanned via the app can also be stored on the GDrive.

Note: If you want to download Stack on your Android phone and you cant find it in the Google Play Store of your country. Or you are a Huawei user who doesn’t have a Play Store. You can use this guide.

The thing that makes me stick to this app is that it’s free and there are no annoying ads. Usually, the apps that are used for the purpose of scanning and uploading the documents on the cloud either require a paid premium version in order to access all the features. Some leave a watermark on the documents. Whereas, some apps have annoying ads in the apps. Which make the overall experience miserable.

Download Stack for PC to Upload and Organise Documents on Windows computer or a Macbook:

Stack is a very handy app, it’s a shame there’s no version for Windows or Macbook. So we bring you a trick that will allow you to download and install stack for PC on your computer. This works for bother Windows and Macbook. The method that we are going to use is via an Android emulator. It’s totally safe and very convenient. Basically, how it works is that it creates a virtual Android operating system on your computer. So you can run it like an Android phone inside your PC.

Using the following guide you can download Stack for PC:

  1. First of all, you need to download and install Bluestacks on your computer.
  2. Once you have installed Bluestacks. Now you have to locate Google Play Store and Sign in.
  3. In Bluestacks, you have to look for Stack: PDF Scanner by Google Area 120 via search.
  4. Once you have found Stack for PC. Download it on your computer.
  5. Finally, open the stack app and give it access to your laptop camera. Using it you can scan documents.

That’s all on how to download stack for PC. If you have questions, write to us or drop comments below.

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  • Stack seems to be very useful application when installed on my phone. It would be more useful if it could run on my PC and use the file handling, storage, and communication capabilities of my desktop PC. Running STACK on an android emulator on my PC improves its usefulness, however, limiting document scanning to my Android devices camera does not gain much. In order to make STACK on PC useful, it should run in PC native mode in Windows 10 and it should be able to use desktop attached document scanners.