Download Parler for PC on Mac and Windows

Parler is a new social media app that is introduced a few years back. It is known for its bias-free and free speech. It is a famous network that is being used by people of all mindsets. Parler is particularly famous in the United States of America. Most of the right-wing and conservatives are using this platform to share their opinion with the rest of the world. While the other social media networks have very strict community standards. This apps gives a right to everyone to share their point of view with the world. Due to some complications, Parler app on Google Play Store was removed. Now it might even be removed from the Apple App Store. For these reasons, I would like to present to you all a method that can be used to install and download Parler for PC on Mac and Windows operating system.

Parler App features and implications:

Parler is a social media network or more of a microblogging service. Where you can share your point of view and thoughts with your friends, family or the other people using the service. You can make your post visible to everyone who shares interest by using the right hashtags. Along with that, you can create posts to get opinions of others on different topics.

Although there exists an official website where you can use the social media network freely. In this guide, we will talk about how to get the Android version of Parler on Mac or Windows PC.

While Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and other social media apps have banned the profile of 45th President of the USA Donald Trump. He is still on Parler. It is the only social media platform he can use to deliver his messages and thoughts to the general public and his supporters. This lead to the implication of Parler being removed from the Play Store and might be removed from Apple store as well. There is a strong measure being taken on different social media websites where communities and groups that support Donald trump are being banned or removed from the internet community. This is the only app where the supporters can talk and discuss freely without any complications or barrier.

How to Download and Install Parler for PC on Mac and Windows:

So now we will talk about how can you download and install parler for PC on a Macbook or Windows. In this guide, we will use an Android emulator, that will provide us with a virtual android environment on our computer. Where we can install the Parler APK to run it in the Android environment. To use this method, we will require the following pre-requisites.

  1. Bluestacks.
  2. Download Parler APK.

Once you have downloaded the Bluestacks and Parler APK on your computer. Move on with the guide below:

  1. First of all, install bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Once it is installed open it.
  3. Now on the left sidebar of bluestacks you will see an option of “Install APK“. Its an arrow with APK written under it.
  4. Use this option to locate the APK file that you just downloaded on your PC.
  5. Select it and once the app is installed you will get a notification.
  6. Using the notification you can launch “Parler for PC”. Or You will find it in my Games.

Once you have downloaded and installed Parler on PC. You can either log in using your existing account or make an account using your email.

Download Parler for PC Windows and Macbook

Note: You might come across Unauthorized error after signing into parler. Its because there has been a massive load on the server and the Android version of the app is nor working at times. With the expansion in the servers of the social media app. It will be solved.

I hope this guide worked for you. It is an easy guide on how to download and install Parler for PC. If you have any questions regarding the guide above or Parler. Feel free to ask me in the comments.

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